I discovered something terrible with my neighbor, he was very sick and he called a native doctor to come and treat him in his house, the native doctor said his case was critical and that he cannot be cured, but the sickness can be transferred to another person. My neighbor accepted.

The native doctor worked on him and told him “as I’m leaving, if anyone opens the door, you must say “tchaa” and that the person will die in your place”
The native doctor then left, and my neighbor sat, being alert waiting for first unlucky person so as to say ‘tchaa’ and then transfer his sickness and be free.

On his way home the native doctor discovered he didn’t collect any money from my neighbor for his treatment, so he decided to take the risk to go back to my neighbor and ask.

As soon as he opened the door my neighbor quickly said ‘ tchaa’ and the native doctor replied ‘ retchaa’ my neighbor gave it back ‘reretchaa’ the native doctor replied again ‘rereretchaa’……

I’m telling you now the whole quarters are there watching how the two are ‘rerererererereretchaa’ ing each other…..

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