Joke: The Recruitment

The Nigerian army was losing a lot of personnel in the war and desperately needed more people to fill their rank and files to fight the war. So one of the top officers approached Akpos to enlist…

OFFICER: We desperately need you in the army.

AKPOS: I’ll join but on three conditions.

OFFICER: Ok, what are the conditions?

AKPOS: My first condition is that I’ll not wear the uniform because it’s quite heavy and stiff.

OFFICER: Ok. What is the second condition?

AKPOS: I’ll not do the parade and other training under the sun because it will be too hot, I’ll only do it under a shed or some kind of shadow cover.

OFFICER: Ok, what is your third condition?

AKPOS: My last and most important condition is that during any time of war, I’ll be on leave.


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