Joke: The Car Problem

Bola, a 35 year old man, was driving in his Prado Jeep with his friend, Tommy. Along a stretch of a deserted road somewhere in Lagos, the car suddenly jerked and stopped. Bola and Tommy looked at each other. Bola tried the ignition but the car kept spluttering.

He opened his door and as he got out of the car, his foot got caught in his ‘Agbada’ and he fell flat on his face, knocked out senseless. Tommy ran to him and tried to revive him.

Bola was still breathing but he needed help fast. Tommy squinted his eyes and saw a signboard; ‘GRACE HOSPITAL’ up the street. Tommy ran the few metres to the hospital. He fell twice on the ground but managed to get to the hospital, panting.

As he burst into the reception, startling the nurses, he panted urgently. “Sir, what is wrong with you?” One of the nurses asked in alarm.

TOMMY: (Panting) My… My friend… Bola…Bola… is…

One of the nurses shouted ‘EBOLA!’ and the hospital was empty in the twinkle of an eye. The two doctors on duty, the cleaners, Matron, security men and even a patient who had just been operated on and was still groggy from the anaesthesia, jumped through windows, doors and balconies.

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