Joke: Church Service

A man’s story:

I was in church one day when pastor said:
“It’s time to say hello to your neighbours,
shake hands and lets get to know each
I said hello to the person sitting to my left and
to the one sitting to
my right.. We introduced our selves and both
said they were Egyptians.
Preaching time came and pastor decided to
preach from Exodus
14:13.. Telling us about how God saved the
Israelites from Egyptians. My people,
remember that there were Egyptians on my
left and right. I was thinking to myself “How
do these two Egyptians feel knowing that
their people are the bad guys in this Bible
Well, I just sit-down my own je-je-je.
The next thing oo!!, pastor shouted: “The
Egyptians made the people of God to suffer
for years!!!, I said they made them suffer!!!,
Turn to your left and to your right!!! And tell
your neighbour!!!, The Egyptians you see
today!!!, You shall see no more!!!”

What would you do? 🙂

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