Joke: The New Wife

Akpos visited his friend Chuks and the new wife.
Chuks asked her to serve them drinks.

After that, she sat down right opposite Akpos with
her legs open. Akpos could not control
himself so he enjoyed the view. when Chuks
went to buy some Suya, his wife said to
Akpos, “do you like what you see”?
Akpos said YES. She said , “you can have it, but
it will cost you N10,000. Akpos agreed so they
fixed a time for 12pm the next day
when Chuks will be at work.
Next day, Akpos came over at the exact time
They did the DEED, then he paid her.

When Chuks came back, this is was what happened:

CHUKS: honey was Akpos here today?
CHUKS : at 12pm right ?
CHUKS : OHH, Akpos my good friend, always keeping time …
WIFE : Honey, why do you ask?
CHUKS : he came over to my office this morning and
borrowed N10,000 from me promising to bring it
back to you at the house by 12pm, so did he bring it ?
WIFE: ??????????


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