Joke: Corporal Pan-ku

Corporal Pan-ku stopped a lawyer driver for not stopping at a Stop sign.

Lawyer: Why did you stop me?
Corporal Pan-ku: You did not come to a complete stop at the stop sign.

Lawyer: i slowed down and there was no car, so i kept going.
Corporal Pan-ku: I am going to issue you a fine.

Lawyer: What!? Rubbish. First, you need to tell me the legal difference between slowing down
and stopping.
Corporal Pan-ku: Okay.

Corporal Pan-ku takes out his baton (AKA ‘Talk True’) and starts hammering it on the lawyers head.
Lawyer: aaaaagghhh…

Corporal Pan-ku: Now Mr. Lawyer, do you want me to stop banging this on your head or just slow down?



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