Video (skit): Mark Angel Comedy Episode 102 – My Mother (Emmanuella)

The Mark Angel Comedy crew with episode 102. “My Mother.”
Some of you have done this. 🙂



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Video Credit: Mark Angel Comedy


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9 Responses

  1. 180baze says:

    i love this video deniso try

  2. sadiqun says:

    I love this video clips it makes me feel good when I see a young girl acting fantastic

  3. Tsevi Wonder says:

    Send Me

  4. surprise says:

    Wow ur so funny

  5. Mark says:

    I love mark angel comedy

  6. Dorcas Ndika says:

    Mark angel comedy is my favourite..I love it..Big up

  7. I love Denison acting the guy funny well well

  8. Warren says:

    I love Mark Angel comedy a lot

  9. Princess says:

    My best comedy

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