Video (skit): Mark Angel Comedy Episode 90 – Episode Ninety (Emmanuella)

Episode 90 of the Mark Angel Comedy is a behind the scenes look at some of your favorite skits. Emmanuella and the crew. 🙂



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Video Credit: Mark Angel Comedy


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6 Responses

  1. abbey says:

    Abeg, can anyone tell me the title and the name of the person that sing the song use in episode 90 of emmanuel comedy. kindly reply m on my mail:

  2. thoko says:

    I love little Emmanuel.she is talented at young age.

  3. Ahmat says:

    ça va.

  4. Smangele says:

    Kedu ka idi am smangele mathye i like your comedy dalu

  5. mohammed adel says:

    the act wich nevr seen befor

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