Joke: The 30 Beautiful Women In A Dubai Tent

Panku, John and Kalu were on a trip to Dubai. One day, they stumbled into a harem tent filled with 30 beautiful women.
They began getting friendly with the women, when suddenly the Sheik busted in angrily.

“I am the master of all these women. No one else can touch them except me. You three must pay for what you have done. You will hereby be punished according to your profession.”

The sheik turns to John and asks him his profession.

“I’m a policeman,” John says.

“Alright then, now choose any of these women, and she will shoot your p*nis off!” the sheik said.

He turned to Kalu and barked “WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?”

“I’m a fireman sir,” said Kalu.

“Alright then, now select one of these women who will proceed to burn your p*nis off!” said the sheik.

Finally, he looked around and Panku, “YOU, what do you do for a living?”

Panku looked at him with the most innocent face and said, “I taste lollipops at the factory to make sure they are sweet sir.”



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    But it is awesome

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    hahaaa lol

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