Joke: The Tootbrush Salesman’s Secret

Panku, Bolaji and Joseph work at a toothbrush company as salesmen. Each day, Bolaji and Joseph sell ten toothbrushes per person, while Panku always sells three hundred.

Bolaji and Joseph envied his sales success, but could never figure out his secret.

One day, they run into Panku at the trade fair, where he appeared to have set up a cake sample tasting table.

“Panku, what are you doing here?” says Bolaji.

“Guys, try some cake” says Panku.

Bolaji and Joseph take a little bite of cake.

“BLAARGH!!” screams Joseph, “this tastes like shit!”

Panku replies, “well, It is shit. Would you like to buy a toothbrush?”



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