Joke: The Psychiatric Hospital Visit

A man parked his new Jeep Cherokee in the garage of a psychiatric hospital, to see his brother. Panku, a patient in the hospital, noticed the numbers on the sides of the jeep, 4×4. He picked a stoned and wrote = 16. An hour later, the man came out and noticed the scratches on the car. He immediately drove to a paint shop.

A month later, he visited the same hospital. Panku noticed the answer wasn’t there anymore. He picked a stone and scratched = 16 on the car again. When the man saw it, he was furious and drove back to the paint shop to clear it. This happened a third time, so the man told the painter to paint “= 16” next to the 4 X 4 inscription, to stop the scratches.

A week later, he dropped by the hospital to see his brother. Panku was very happy when he saw the answer on the car. He picked up a stone, drew a mark next to the 16 and wrote beneath it, “That’s correct!”



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