Joke: The Bad Day

You know you’ve had a really bad day if:

You take a seven hour journey to see a girl you met online. On getting there, her phone is switched off! After trying her line several for hours and still off, you decided to check into a hotel. On getting there, you discovered your wallet has been stolen. You drop your bag at the reception, ran to a nearby bank to withdraw with your ATM card. On getting there, the ATM traps your card.

You go straight into the bank to withdraw the money but they tell you that the network is down and will remain so throughout the day. On your way back to the hotel, you receive an alert which says, All your money, N50,000 has been deducted from your account some minutes ago. Completely infuriated now, you got to the hotel only to find out your bag is no more.

You asked d receptionist, he points to an inscription on the notice board to you which reads, “BAGS KEPT AT OWNERS RISK”. At this point, you lose it completely. In a bid to prevent trouble, the receptionist calls the security to lock you up. And you spend the rest of your day in prison with inmates who beat the living day light out of you.


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