Video (Skit): Mark Angel Comedy Episode 219 – Manchellor Part 2 (Emmanuella)

Yet another interesting and entertaining comedy video by Mark Angels comedy featuring Emmanuella. Episode 219 is titled “Manchellor Part 2.”



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Video Credit: Mark Angel Comedy


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13 Responses

  1. Skeyboy says:

    Nice dear

  2. Good will says:

    I love it

  3. Maurice M. Phiri says:


  4. Dezy boy says:

    Nice one

  5. Ephraim says:

    I love it

  6. Herman says:


  7. my name says:

    love i

  8. Stephen Akinyode says:


  9. Tafara dale mungate says:

    I luv this drama i wish i could join but zimbabwe is too far

  10. Isaac says:

    I Love This?

  11. christian tee shirt designs says:


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