Joke: The Bus Ride

On a bus going from Lagos to Accra, Panku was tired, so he dozed off for 15 minutes. The ring tone of the girl beside him woke him up. She answered her phone-
“Honey, I’m in a bus going to Abuja for the burial, I’ll
call you when I get there”.
2 minutes later, another girl’s phone rang, she said: “Sweetheart I’m
on my way to Port Harcourt for the Masters Degree
Form, please send me Credit for the trip”.

A third one’s phone rang, she said “Alhaji, sorry I’m
on my way to Owerri for the interview, I’ll call you later”
Panku screams
“DRIVER STOP! .. STOP RIGHT NOW.. park this bus, where exactly is this bus going to!?

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