Joke: The Mystery Customer

A man entered a barber’s shop, introduced himself as Panku,
and asked the barber “how long before i can get a haircut?”
the barber replied “approximately 2hrs sir”.
The man turned back, left and never came back.
The next day, the same man came and asked the same question.
The barber told him “in about an hour sir”
he left and never returned. This continued for about a week.

The next month, the same man came and asked when he could
get a haircut, the barber said “in 3 hours time”. he leaves again.
The barber was curious, and said to one of his boys in the shop, “i need you
to follow that man to see where he goes, coz he always comes to ask
when he could get a haircut, but never returns.”

The boy said ok and followed him. 30 minutes later he returned
laughing. The barber asked him
“so where does he usually go to?” the boy calmly said


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