Video (skit): Xploit Comedy – When You Can’t Satisfy Bae

This is a serious matter, see the trouble this guy went through just because he could not satisfy his bae, damn!!!Xploit Comedy



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Video Credit: Xploit Comedy


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5 Responses

  1. coolest says:

    you guys tried

  2. dennis says:

    what is wrong wuth this site, i cant download videos from it. no download location found.

    • Na Laugh says:

      Hello Dennis, there is actually nothing wrong with the site. |
      It’s that we don’t create download links for most videos. However, all Mark Angel Comedy videos can be downloaded.
      In the future, we’ll have an automated system to generate download links, but for now you can play the videos directly.

      Thanks for visiting NaLaugh. 🙂

  3. omaya etawo says:

    I love this jock


    It would be much easier with links available

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