Joke: Lies

Please among all these Girls who lied most?
1. Bukola Says.. Waiter please, I like my Salad very hot, also can I’ve 2 bottles of Shawarma?
2. Dayo Says…. Ore mi give me your BB PIN let me call U.
3. Maggi Says…. I’m so tired; I just made my hair in Shop-Rite.
4. Funke Replies…. Really? I want 2 spend my summer in London this Xmas period.
5. Ayobami explains… I Just bought my BB but I haven’t collected the PIN.
6. Toyin Brags… When I’m flying, I always like the window seat becos I open it 4 fresh air.
7. Fatima Says… I prefer London 2 UK during winter.
8. Nike Says… Hmmm, You can’t even imagine, I just bought a g-string, and the thing I like most about it is the back pocket.


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