Video (Skit): Mark Angel Comedy Episode 155 – Test Result (Emmanuella)

Mark Angel Comedy with episode 155 of the series. This is titled “Test Result,” featuring Mark Angel and Emmanuella.




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Video Credit: Mark Angel Comedy


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13 Responses

  1. Akalusijoy says:

    Funny Emmanuelle

  2. Freedygist says:

    funny guys

  3. smart kiss says:

    u people are amazing I love u mark angel

  4. daphney says:

    emmanuella how did i live without you you are so funny

  5. daphney says:

    you are cool

  6. mastermind says:

    you guys are so crazy indeed..when I feel depressed or not happy at all I jst download any of ur comedy coz I knw you will for sure cheer me up…I hv jst become you friend of South Africa…keep it up

    • Na Laugh says:

      Thanks for visiting. Send all your friends in South Africa here to also enjoy these videos. 🙂

  7. Sharifa says:

    Wow that’s amazing

  8. ugorume oghenewhosa Ernest says:


  9. Ricky says:

    keep it up! you really can guys ,wish you start now making funny movies, thanks alot coz you are makin’ lot of pple happy ;mark angel you are creative.

  10. Okello Haron ramsey says:

    Love your comedy from Uganda. wish you could visit Uganda.

  11. Sumayya says:

    Wow u guys ar awesome

  12. umar says:

    good. mark angel

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