Video (Skit): Mark Angel Comedy Episode 153 – Fainting (Emmanuella)

The Mark Angel Comedy crew with Episode 153 of the series. This is titled “Fainting,” with Emmanuella, Mark Angel and the rest of the fam.



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Video Credit: Mark Angel Comedy


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8 Responses

  1. JOEY says:


  2. umukoro ezekiel says:

    I love your comedy

  3. miranhoski says:

    I don’t watch anything else apart from your comedy

  4. Freedygist says:

    Their comedy is reallyyy good

  5. Daniel says:

    I love baby emmanuella comedy

  6. Emmanuel mubanga says:

    You people you are too much . I love your comedys

  7. daiay says:

    You guys are good

  8. philip says:

    you makes my days I love you all keep it up I watch nothing but your comedy

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