Video: Mark Angel Comedy Episode 136 – The Challenge

Episode 136 of the Mark Angel Comedy series takes a different turn, as Mark Angel and Emanuella face off in a cooking challenge.
This is more of a Peak milk commercial than anything else, though.

Happy Birthday in arrears to Denilson Igwe, from us at NaLaugh. 🙂




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Video Credit: Mark Angel Comedy


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4 Responses

  1. Saint Zarzey says:

    Lovely , this is Quite amazing

  2. vijay says:

    mr, emanulla..lough is coming me automatically…. when i watch ur face… bt ur videos are good best & better supppperrr

    jai india…jai hind

  3. mariano042 says:


  4. kennie boy says:

    lovely,this is wonderful

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