Video (Skit): Mark Angel Comedy Episode 130 – Attention (Emmanuella)

Episode 30 of the Mark Angel Comedy series takes you behind the scenes of a few recent episodes. A look at Emanuella, Denilson Igwe and the rest of the crew on set.



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Video Credit: Mark Angel Comedy


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14 Responses

  1. Christopher says:

    I like ur style emmanuella and mark angel

  2. Ubong says:

    You guys have tried, I which you more.

  3. mery says:

    Nice mark but ….

  4. Isaac abdulyeminu says:

    In my area girls da wahala person wa get if i get $1million i go run go ceminary go join rev. fada so dat those girls no go wahala me.den when i don finish da money igo come back.

  5. Isaac abdulyeminu says:

    In terms of your comedy shows it is great.may almighty creator increase you(amen)

  6. Augustus N Karyor Jr says:

    I can really enjoy all of your funny videos. U gar are so wonderful.

  7. Netshidzati Adivhaho says:

    I love u emmanuella

  8. Queensley Alfred says:

    You guys stuff is wow episode strong meat,leave me,mark who is dat imfact ol ol is very funny ah dey hail una but ah for lyk c join una ah dey Akwaibom seriously ah for lyk com join act with una ah do admire it


    You will continue to prosper in all ur endavours EMMANUELA AND MARK ANGEL

  10. adebayo sodiq says:

    I also like your style too mark angel

  11. Lady B says:

    I luv dat

  12. Bliz Ikoo says:

    U gys are really funny.

  13. fidelis fidelity says:

    its intresting & funny

  14. fidelis fidelity says:

    una d try much

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