Joke: Mum and Daughters

A mum was lucky enough to see her 3 daughters wed in the same year, So she whispered to each of them “After your weddings
Text me your 1st Night Experience & don’t forget to text it in a coded way o”

After a week, the 1st daughter sent “NESCAFE” in an sms to her mum while a week later, the second texted “BENSON”.

Their mum, as a soji woman, picked up a tin of Nescafe & read from the label; “fantastic till the
last drop!”
she also went 2 her husband’s pack of Benson Cigarettes & found written on it, “extra long,
king size!”

She thought aloud, ‘not too bad for them @ their age sha!
A few days later, her 3rd daughter’s text comes in; “Arik: Lagos – Kano!”. So Mama calls Arik Air Information Desk to inquire about their kano – lagos flight.

She was told; “Its 3times daily,
7days a week & the flight duration is 75mins to & fro!”.
Mama throws herself in the air, lands, slumps & faints shouting……

“Yeeeeee! Eleyi ma pa mi lomo ( this one will kill my daughter) haha

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