Video (Skit): Real House of Comedy – Lagos Beggers

Lagos is a city where you find all kinds of people. As usual, you will definitely find beggars and some and helpers. This helper decided to help and something interesting happened. Lol. Real House of Comedy also Laughpills Comedy 2017.



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          Video Credit: Laughpills comedy


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  1. clever Greim says:

    am Clever Greim from Malawi.I really like mark angel comedies but please am failling to download your comedies so please can you send me your comedies through this watsapp 265 885 200 233

    • Na Laugh says:

      Hello, please note that only Mark Angel Comedy videos generally have download links on the site.

      Most other videos don’t. Some links that say ‘download’ are sometimes just ads.

      We’ll be updating the site soon to include download options for all vids.
      Thanks for visiting NaLaugh.

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