Joke: Jesus is Watching


A burglar breaks into a house. He sees a CD player that he wants so he takes it. Then he hears a voice “JESUS is watching you”. He looks around with his flashlight wandering “What The HELL Was That?”.
He spots some money on a table and takes it……Once again he hears a voice ” JESUS is watching you”. He hides in a corner trying to find where the voice came from. He spots a birdcage with a parrot in it!
He goes over and asks ” Was that your voice?”. It said “YES”. He then says “What’s your name?”. It says “MOSES”. The burglar says ” What kind of person names his bird Moses??” The parrot reply “THE SAME PERSON THAT NAMES HIS ROTWEILER “JESUS”.

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  1. Prince vinsaint says:

    Nice joke’s

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