Joke: Mini Compilation

A teacher came to the class and asked a
TEACHER: Who killed Goliath?
STUDENT 1: it’s not me
STUDENT 2: I wasn’t at school that day.
STUDENT 3: I don’t know.
The teacher went to the Headteacher’s office and told the HM that students in that class don’t know who killed Goliath.
The HM came to that class and asked…
HM: Who killed Goliath?
CLASS: we r not the ones..!!!
HM.: If u don’t tell me who killed Goliath, you’ll see fire today…!!
CLASS : We don’t know.
The HM turned to the teacher and asked; are you sure Goliath was killed by someone from this class??
The teacher fainted….!!

#Please be careful when buying rat poison, they are now selling the fake ones everywhere. Kindly make sure you taste it before you buy to ensure it’s the original one.

Don’t Drink Water Immediately After Eating Fish ߐߊBecause Drinking Water May Cause The Fish To Start Swimming and Your Stomach Will Start Doing GulunGulun.

#Everything is now so expensive in Nigeria!!! Such that;Witches don’t even serve food in dreams anymore
.. I dey lie abi???..Oya tell me when last U don chop for dream

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  1. Mclove says:

    U Guys Are Funny

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