Joke: The Mad Man

Kenneth Emeana bought a brand new SUV and drove it through the streets on his way to inspect a new house. He parked it right in front of this luxury apartment and went inside.

A mentally unstable man saw the brand new 4X4 parked infront of the house, after looking at it he said to himself- “Which kain person the owner of this car be? Ordinary 4×4 hin no sabi”… and so he took a stone and carved just after the 4×4 “=16.”

After Ken Emeana came out and saw it he got angry but went ahead to spray a new coat of paint on the vehicle.
Two weeks later, as he was packing into the apartment the same mad man crossed the street and saw the SUV parked where it was previously and so he said to himself “Which kain olodo be dis?” and so he took a nail and carved in “=16” after the 4×4 then went on his way.
This time P. Ken was so angry by this that when he finished respraying, he instructed them to write 4X4=16.

2 weeks later the mad man came around once more; when he saw the vehicle he walked up to it and looked at it while nodding his head, smiling he picked a thick metal object and wrote under the 4×4=16 “much improvement my boy” then he marked …✔

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